The 8th meeting in the emergent series on Complexity and Aid will take place in November 2009

How often do you question what will work in a complex and messy situation?  Like many of us you are probably working to bring about some strategic change for the better – developing sustainable business models, innovating to help overcome poverty or tackling environmental sustainability and climate change. But what interventions make sense when much is unpredictable and uncertain? What is possible when the biggest impacts come from the unforeseen or serendipitous events. Are there alternatives to linear ways of planning, strategizing and making policy? If such questions are on your mind, you might want to attend the Waginengen Innovation Dialogue on How to Be Strategic in The Face of Complexity – Implications for Global Development Capacities, on November 30 and December 1, 2009. This will be the eighth meeting in an ongoing series on ‘complexity and aid’ which have taken place in various locations in the UK and the Netherlands.The dialogue will be shaped by inspiring and challenging insights from an exceptional group of key note presenters. Their inputs will be complemented by workshop contributions from practitioners and academics working on the challenges of change and complexity. Speakers include Dave Snowden of Cognitive Edge and John Young of ODI-RAPID (one of the co-authors of a 2008 ODI working paper on complexity and aid

Date: 30 Nov 2009 – 1 Dec 2009
Location: Hof van Wageningen
Organisation: Wageningen International

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  1. In the lead up to the two days a series of guest bloggers, including key note presenters, will begin the dialogue on line at the Broker.

    Reactions on the blogs will be used to help frame Dialogue. Pepijn Jansen will be coordinating the blogging inputs and reporting from the Dialogue itself.

  2. Great read! thx


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I am a researcher and writer specialising on international development and humanitarian issues. I am currently working on a number of consulting and advisory assignments for international agencies. I am also writing a book on complexity sciences and international aid which will be published by Oxford University Press. I hold Senior Research Associate and Visiting Fellow positions at the Institute of Development Studies, the Overseas Development Institute, and the London School of Economics.


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