Some readers may already know how big a problem fishing nets pose globally – I have to admit that I had no idea. Every year, it seems, almost three quarters of a million tonnes of abandoned and lost fishing nets “pile up on beaches, create a navigational hazard for boats, or settle to the ocean […]

With the latest round of UN climate talks  underway in Durban this week, many are rightly concerned about the agreements that will be reached (if any), and whether it will be a case of too little, too late (quite probably). The challenges of achieving global public policy consensus aside, new research is highlighting a range […]

Ricardo Hausmann of Harvard and Cesar Hidalgo of MIT (whose work I have blogged about previously here) have just published the deeply impressive Atlas of Economic Complexity. It is built around an innovative, network-based methodology for understanding economies and their potential for  growth. It represents perhaps the most systematic and in-depth application of the ideas […]

Last week saw scientists at the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project publish their findings that evidence of global warming was irrefutable, and this despite being funded by some of the most noted energy conservatives in the world.  It seems that there is only one refuge left for the climate sceptics:

Following the Japanese earthquake, the Philippines government have announced plans to explore the use of complexity science in better understanding disaster vulnerability and risk. The effort is to be taken forward by the Congressional Commission on Science Technology and Engineering, in collaboration with the Philippine Disaster Science Management Center. Senator Edgardo Angara, Chair of Congressional Commission […]

Most analysts agree that globalisation has become more intensive and dramatic in recent decades because of advances in technology, communications, science and transportation. While it can be a catalyst for development and progress, globalisation also carries significant and increasing challenges for aid policy makers and practitioners alike. I: The new face of vulnerability? Recent years […]