Yesterday saw a UKCDS meeting in London on complexity and international development, which I helped to convene and chaired. Speakers included Eric Beinhocker, Yasmin Merali, Melissa Leach and Danny Burns. Duncan Green of Oxfam has already provided an excellent write-up here – watch this space for the detailed meeting report and next steps.

Humanitarian coordination has been described in a new ODI paper as a ‘wicked problem’ which demands new and radical solutions. This post explores the  longstanding incentive issues underlying the lack of effective coordination and suggests possible ways forward. In a paper published last year,  Michael Barnett and I argued that the humanitarian system was stuck in much the […]

The Big Push Back was convened last week  by the Participation and Social Change team at IDS. With over 70 attendees, the theme of the day was to reflect on and develop strategies for ‘pushing back’ against the increasingly dominant bureacratisation of the development agenda. As the meeting background note put it: Development NGOs and researchers are […]

Two weeks ago we blogged about a fascinating event taking place in Arusha, convened by World Vision, which aimed to explore how complex adaptive systems thinking can be used to transform approaches to rural development. Below is a round-up of the event. Special thanks are due to Miriam Booy of World Vision for  both synthesising the material […]

For all those interested in or attending the Evaluation Revisited conference this week, here is a very rapid compilation of free-to-download presentations and reports plus details of meetings and websites which may be of interest. Please do add more resources using the comments function below… Presentations: Mokoro Presentations on Monitoring and Evaluating complex development given […]

October 2009 saw a seminar in Oxford on the topic of evaluation and complexity, the first in 2 such events planned by Mokoro, a development consultancy. Presentations from the seminar are available from the website, which include an excellent overview from Pip Bevan as well as specific examples of complexity-oriented evaluations. As the seminar summary states: […]